an insider’s view of
the hospitality trade
We bring you candid chats with hospitality professionals that have made a valuable contribution to the trade in Spain. This exclusive series of insights is essential viewing for anyone setting up or wanting to refocus a hotel, restaurant or bar.
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Text by Emma Darby
About Beyond the stars
The hospitality industry in Spain is big business and it’s a sector that’s still growing. But it isn’t always easy to make a go of it; competition is fierce and ensuring a return on investment can prove challenging if you don’t have a well-defined strategy.

Despite all the enthusiasm and hard work that goes into many new hospitality ventures only half of them last more than four years, and only two out of ten last more than ten years!

In order to help you create a successful business, we’ve handpicked leading professionals from the hotel and restaurant industry in Spain and asked them to talk about their experience on camera. We hope their insight and words of advice will inspire you to to do great things. Good luck!