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Das Stue, a unique hotel in Berlin

The standardisation of the hotel business and predominance of large chains in the sector has led to a rash of uniform hospitality products and services around the world. Gratuitous luxury has lost its lustre, and is often even seen as unnecessary ostentation.

Today’s client, with all the information to hand that technology has made possible, is looking for personal features that make one accommodation option stand out from the rest. Regardless of whether the trip is for business or pleasure, the client increasingly needs to identify with the personality and lifestyle that the hotel gives out.

One of our priorities was to bring out a more human side of the rather grand hotel building. Although it’s been redecorated by contemporary designers, the architecture emanates a stately past that contrasts radically with the warmth and personal attention of the hotel staff.

We were also keen to create a simple narrative that would maintain the viewers’ interest and at the same time allow us to visually link the different spaces of the hotel. More than telling an explicit story, we wanted to create a setup that would be open to interpretation.

TEASER 1. One minute Summary (60”)

TEASER 2. Entrance, Hall & Rooms (40”)

TEASER 3. Pool, Spa & Treatment Room (40”)

TEASER 4. Libraries & Bar (40”)

TEASER 5. Restaurants & Kitchen (40”)

TEASER 6. Aurora's Vintage Photography Collection
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