Building Togheter is more than a slogan

Interacting, sharing experiences and, in general, encouraging collaboration between clients, suppliers and the company staff, is part of the new corporate strategy that we’re creating for Danosa. (See "Laying the foundations for responsible building"). This approach to business also coincides with the new way of understanding marketing.

Traditional marketing techniques -based on ads that interrupt entertainment of some sort to highlight the virtues of a product with a one-way message- have stopped working in a digital world where the audience disconnects at the mere whiff of a sales pitch.

In a society dominated by technology, with an ever-increasing range of communication channels and a surfeit of information, connecting with your target audience now requires quality content focused on their interests and needs. In order to achieve this the company must first listen to its clients, identify their needs and establish an alliance where everybody stands to gain.

When we were thinking over the format for the interviews we knew that we had to do away with the conventional concept of a talking head.

Aside from showing the works of the architects and the physical context of these buildings, we thought that it was also important to convey with images the shift in the construction sector towards a more responsible approach.

Barcelona and Madrid were the backdrop for the interviews and, as well known cities, had to be depicted from a more unusual angle. We made use of a black and white palette together with highly contrasted summer light and slow-motion tracking shots to create a set of images that’s both original and engaging.

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