Set 2 boxwood ribs


A two-piece set of ribs containing one sail shaped rib and one teardrop shaped rib. When you hold these tools, you immediately sense that you’ve got good quality wood in your hands. Our ribs are made from Catalan boxwood by one of the few remaining artisans in Catalonia dedicated to this trade. Boxwood is a hardwearing, fine-grained wood, and the species that we use is native to the Mediterranean and especially suitable for use in a wet medium like clay. Our teardrop rib is a touch smaller than standard, as from experience we’ve found small tools to be easier to handle, and therefore more effective.

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Sail rib 60mm x 110mm (w x h). Teardrop rib 60mm x 100mm (w x h).

Avoid leaving these ribs in water or slip for a long time and rub in a little vegetable oil every now and again to keep them tip top.

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Designed in-house and made in Catalonia. The wood used is native to Catalonia and sourced close to the woodworking studio. The ribs are crafted one by one by skilled artisans whose profession is in danger of extinction.

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