Aprons and tools for potters.

Mudthing is an online shop for professional and hobby potters. We specialise in small batch aprons, ceramics tools and accessories that are difficult to find elsewhere. Our products are carefully designed in-house and we partner with artisans and small businesses in Barcelona to have them crafted for you.

Warrior split-front apron
Dark blue denim.
Two sizes available.
Designed in-house, made in Barcelona.

VAT + shipping not included

A full length, total coverage design with wheel potters in mind. We’ve picked out a substantial denim fabric that will keep you clean and dry when things get messy! The split front makes sitting at the wheel a whole lot more comfortable and frees up the long length when moving around studio.

The waist ties are long enough for all sizes and in some cases will allow for a bow at the front. We love the way the fabric falls and smartens up your figure. Emma, in the photo, is a medium size and 165cm tall.

Wa-Sabi ecru linen apron with split-front
Available in a small or medium.
Designed in-house, handmade in Barcelona.

VAT + shipping not included

Wa-Sabi coral red linen apron with split-front
Limited edition, washed linen.
1 single size to suit a small-medium.
Designed in-house, handmade in Barcelona.

VAT + shipping not included

A Japanese-inspired, minimalist linen apron designed for potters that don’t need heavy coverage. Whether you’re creating in the studio, meeting clients, or even posing for photos, this lightweight, artsy apron will keep you clean as well as make you feel and look great!

No ties and no pesky straps at the back dipping into the toilet, thanks to the crossback design.

Unlike the rest of our fabrics, the natural ecru linen does not come from fashion industry leftovers. This model is available in a small or medium size. We’ve seen that this apron style doesn’t flatter fuller figures, which is why there’s no large size available. Our Warrior apron with waist ties is a much better choice in this case. Julia Hoji, in the photo, is a small size and 167cm tall.

Tool roll
Tools not included
Terracotta or ecru cotton canvas
Eight pockets
Size when rolled up 11 x 21cm (w x h)
Designed in-house, made in Barcelona.

VAT + shipping not included


I had a tool roll similar to this one when I first started out with ceramics in Barcelona. I really liked having all my tools together in an easy to stow, portable package. Over the years, it’s drawn the attention of other classmates and so I decided to make my own improved version. The pouch is especially good if you need to carry your tools from one place to another, or want to keep them safe in a shared studio.

Pack two boxwood throwing ribs
Sail rib 60mm x 110mm (w x h).
Teardrop rib 60mm x 100mm (w x h).
Designed in-house, made in Catalonia.

VAT + shipping not included


These beautiful wooden ribs have been made with Catalan boxwood by one of the few remaining artisans in Catalonia dedicated to this trade. Boxwood is a hardwearing, fine-grained wood, and the species that we use for our tools is native to the Mediterranean and especially suitable for use in a wet medium like clay. Wooden ribs won’t remove clay material, or slurry as effectively as brass, but they’re well suited to gently cajole your pot into shape.

Our teardrop rib is a touch smaller than standard, as from experience we’ve found small tools to be easier to handle and therefore more effective.

To care for your wooden tools, avoid leaving them in water or slip and rub in a little natural oil every now and again to keep them tip top.

Pack two brass throwing ribs
Kidney rib 88mm x 47mm (w x h).
Rectangle rib 60mm x 110mm (w x h).
Designed in-house, made in Barcelona.

VAT + shipping not included


I was over the moon when I received a beautiful large brass rib for Christmas. Unfortunately, I found it to be bulky and unmanageable and so I decided to custom design some tools of my own.

The kidney fits perfectly in my hand, it’s small, light and easy to handle. I love the shape because it combines curved and straight sides which means it can be used to throw both bowls and plates. The slanted rectangle rib will sharpen up either straight-sided or slightly flared cylinders and we’ve softened up the corners a smidge so they won’t dig into your pot as you work. Both ribs have a thin edge that make them the perfect choice if you need to remove excess clay from your pot. Oh, and they won’t rust either!

Why have boring steel or aluminium when you can have these golden beauties?

Social responsibility & sustainability

Your custom helps support a small network of artisans and socially responsible initiatives.

Our small batch Warrior aprons and tool rolls are sewn by a studio in Barcelona that’s committed to social inclusion. This means that our partner provides quality professional training, support and a route to employment for vulnerable groups, most of whom are women. When you buy one of these items, you’re also contributing to an ethical initiative that actively puts people’s wellbeing first.

Our Wa-Sabi aprons are sewn by artisans in our neighbourhood, in the centre of Barcelona.

Unlike most commercial wooden ribs, ours are individually handcrafted in local wood by one of the few remaining artisans dedicated to the woodcarving trade in Catalonia.

We’ve chosen brass for our metal ribs not just because we love the way it looks, but because brass is made of recycled metals and so needs less natural resources to produce.

Mud Think Tank Films

A series of short film capsules in which the ceramicist Emma Darby and filmmaker Guillermo Asensio work side by side exploring concepts that arise from the act of creating in clay. A homage to the city of Barcelona and to the unlikely beauty of the urban world.

The Silly Box

Mudmakers documentaries

Our pottery films from the MUDMAKERS series are now available to watch over at The Silly Box, an audiovisual incubator developed by Asensio Comunicació Visual. In this breeding space, you can see the work-in-progress of projects related to creativity and the arts.

Emma’s gallery

Some of my own work. For the moment I prefer to focus my efforts on the creative process rather than producing series on demand. However, if you see a piece you like, please get in touch and we’ll try to work something out.


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