A live format to share thoughts about communication and marketing in the post-covid reality.

An uncensored space to test out new virtual formats and exploit them for successful business branding and digital marketing.

An idea by Asensio Comunicació Visual, produced in-house during and post lockdown in Barcelona.

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Let’s talk about the future of architecture

Architecture dialogues is an initiative to share ideas and push towards more environmentally responsible architecture.

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New Protos wineries
Symbol of a brand.

Daniel Isern
This building has an intrinsic problem.

Carlos Lamela
Every Child has a passion.

Felip Pich-Aguilera
The basis is being reconsidered

An insider’s view of the hospitality trade.

We bring you candid chats with hospitality professionals that have made a valuable contribution to the trade in Spain. This exclusive series of insights is essential viewing for anyone setting up or wanting to refocus a hotel, restaurant or bar.

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The vanguard dream
Disfrutar Restaurant